The main objective of the TecTNet project is to provide higher education institutions of the Republic of Moldova with effective and efficient instruments to setup:

  • a master programme in the fields of transfer of innovation and intellectual property promotion;
  • effective collaborations with Moldavian enterprises focused on knowledge transfer;
  • availability of an Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) in each Moldavian university.

Moreover, the project aims at realizing an innovative ICT-based infrastructure employing enhanced technologies and methodologies allowing all the partners from Moldova to create a network for technological transfer by sharing educational contents and databases. Such infrastructure will be used as a base to design educational programmes on technological and scientific transfer and as a framework for cooperation with local industries/private sector. The EU partners will transfer their know-how and expertise for the achievement of the TecTNet objectives.


 Managementul Tehnologic

 Procesarea Datelor

 Statistica Aplicată

 Psihologie Aplicată, Tehnici de Comunicare şi Managementul Resurselor Umane

 Managementul Strategic

 Filosofia Ştiinţei

 Inovaţia şi Transferul Tehnologic

 Tehnologii Moderne şi Inovaţii în Inginerie

 Instrumente IT şi Tehnologii pentru Inovaţii

 Marketing şi Administrarea Afacerilor

 Managementul Calităţii

 Cultura Afacerilor

The course aims to develop students' professional competences of future specialists capable to be integrated on the work market, to successfully participate in programs for research, development, training and other activities at local, national and international level financed through European funded programs. They must be able to materialize their results in well defined deliverables and positive quantifiable changes of the environment targeted by the project objectives (company, activity sector, society etc).

A special place will be dedicated to activities focused on knowledge and proper application of guidelines for writing successful applications for European funded programs paying attention to all aspects regarding IP protection, promotion of innovation, valorization of research results and facilitation of technological transfer.